3D FPS Demonstration

This program is a demonstration of a simple First Person Shooter environment written using C#, OpenTK, and OpenGL. This demonstrates concepts including reflection, object inheritance, framework design, picking, XML serialization and deserialization.

Pycraft Demonstration

Pycraft is an ongoing attempt to integrate iron python scripting inside a Minecraft-like environment This project has two demonstrations. The first one demonstrates streaming elements into a world, and the second one demonstrates using python to add and remove blocks from a scene.

To try out the second example, use the following text.

for i in range(1,10):
    for j in range(1, 10):

This will generate a 10x10 square grid of blocks.

Viperlib 2d Game Library

This code demonstrates using C++/CLR to act as an intermediate layer between C# and native calls including the win32 API and OpenGL and using OpenGL for doing 2D graphics. The example uses stencil buffers, texturing, and multiple view-ports. The goal for this library is complete thread safety, so it also demonstrates queuing actions and inter-thread communication.